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Granite Block

Granite Specifications

Granite is an important structural and ornamental stone, and due to its high compressive strength and durability it is used for massive structural work. There are different types of granites depending on the percentage mix of quartz, mica and feldspar. Granite blocks are quite literally, as old as the earth - Perfect for use in residential and commercial flooring applications.

We offer wide range of granite rough blocks to the customer's satisfaction. We have always strived to provide the finest level of quality Granite Rough Blocks to our customers.

Granite Size & Thickness

250x75 cm
250x130 cm
280x160 cm
10 mm +/- 1mm
18 mm +/- 1mm
20 mm +/- 1mm
30 mm +/- 1mm
40 mm +/- 1mm

Granite Finishes

Our Granite Products are available in following smooth and textured finishes:
PolishedTo smooth or brighten a surface increasing the reflective quality and luster by chemical or physical processes. Generally gloss levels should be + 90 as measured by a gloss meter. To achieve this, final polishing should have been done by latest Italian/ French machines using imported abrasives.
Sawn (Rough)i.e. unpolished. It is not advisable to buy this way because : floor polishers do not give as good a polish as factory machine polishers. many defects are not visible easily before polishing.
Sand Blasted
Bush Hammered
WaterjetA non-slip matt finish, produced by working the surface of the stone with high-pressure water jets.
HonedA smooth finish with a slight sheen, produced by using a polishing head. To grind a surface with a high grit material to a uniform specification without producing a reflective surface.
SandedSawn stone slabs are coarsely polished: this removes saw marks and leaves a semi-smooth, regular finish.
FlamedThe top surface of the slab is burnt off, giving an irregular textured
Finish-TexturedThe top surfaces of sawn slabs are pneumatically tooled to produce a pitted or grooved surface.
CleftWith this traditional treatment the stone is riven along its line of cleavage to reveal the natural grain; this gives an undulating surface with great character.
Grit-BlastedA high-pressure airline projects coarse-grained grit onto the top surface of the stone producing a finish similar to cleft, but available on slabs of greater size.

We are continually developing the range of finishes and can supply sample cards showing all materials and finishes. If you require a specialised effect we will be happy to discuss with you how it can be achieved. Note :
  1. All our products are possible in customized size specifications.
  2. We also manufacture and supply Kitchen platform, Granite Tabletops as per specific requirements.

Granite Quality

Being a quality driven company, we have strict control mechanisms to ensure the best granite quality. Through a quality focus in every step of the manufacturing process, we have attained international standards for our granite. Quality is our corporate mantra - starting with the procurement of materials to the last stage of manufacturing. Stringent quality control measures ensure flawless production.

Quality ParameterDescription
Shade VariationSlabs / tiles should be sorted to ensure uniformity of shade. Normally, any colour can be sorted into three shades. Sorting is simple -just lay all the material on the floor and look from different directions.
Colour PatchesThese are darker or lighter patches or bands of single colours due to mineral localisation.
ScratchesThe marring of the surface caused by physical trauma such as small stones or sand embedded in shoes scraping across a marble floor.
StainingThe absorption of foreign pigments or oils into the porous stone causing discoloration.
Double ColorSometimes two different grain sizes occur in the same slab, giving the appearance of a double colour.
Free Lengthsi.e. lengths varying randomly while width is constant are also very attractive. Choose the widths as per the expected floor area. Buy random lengths and cut at your site to fit.
Flatness TolerancesA 4 dimension in any direction on the surface shall determine variation from true plane, or flat surfaces. Such variations on polish, hone, and fine rubbed surfaces shall not exceed tolerances listed below or 1/3 of the specified joint width, whichever is greater. On surfaces having other finishes, the maximum variation from true plane shall not exceed the tolerance listed below or + 3 mm of the specified joint width, whichever is greater.

Packing & Shipment

Tiles and slabs are packed in styroform boxes and are further packed into wooden crate. Polythene wrapper is made to cover the entire material inside the wooden crate. For random slabs, each slab is packed in a separate polythene wrapper, to reduce or to avoid scratching of tiles and slabs which are packed face to face.

Each 20 feet container can accommodate around:
  • 315 square meters of 2cm thick Granite Slabs
  • 5400 square feet of 45cms X 45cms X 2cms Granite Tiles

Granite Manufacturing

We possess a state-of-the-art granite manufactring and processing unit which is backed by state-of-the-art machines and latest technology. We continually upgrade our garnite processing facilties to cater to our global clients and produce better quality granite. We take exceptional efforts to realize the best level of customer satisfaction. Granite Manufacturer

Granite Stockyard

We offer most varieties of granite ex-stock ready-to-deliver. Granite Stockyard

Packaging & Shipment

We take a lot of care while packaging container shipments so that the granite arrives at the clients location in best condition. Granite Packing

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